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Free Windows Programs   Downloads 
These will run on any version of Windows.   
You don't need to update drivers.

Red Star DeMarre                       Calculate armor penetrations like the WWII Russians.
Dispersion                                   Convert accuracy mils deviation to mean deviation or stand deviation distance.
Limit Velocity                              Calculate Limit Velocity from M79 energy function data.
Russian WWII Tank Production           Monthly tank production, loss, availability program
Armor Defense Calculator                      Percent chances to penetrate tank in Panzer War or Panzer Command.
Naval Armor and Ballistics program     
Naval Ballistics program 2.3 for pre WWI to WWII
Anti-Matter Rocket simulator             Find space trajectory of a futuristic rocket fueled by 1 kg of anti-matter.
email encryption and password/US lottery generator  Pad method text encryption and password generator
BL(N) Calculator                    Calculate the Naval Ballistic Limit or German Penetration Limit from data points.
Indirect Strike                           Calculates area that is exposed to artillery 1.0.
Israelite Census                          Models various ways to calculate Moses' Censuses.

Basketball brackets  2019      Probability of brackets for 2019 basketball season   [over]
World Cup 2014                     Probability brackets for 2014 World cup  [over]

Crazy 8s Xtreme Rules PDF
       Crazy Eights Card Game Rules   PDF

Crazy 8s Extreme program
.zip   Crazy Eights - Crazy Eights Extreme Windows program ver. 1.01.
                                                     Player plays against 3, 4 or 5 AI players.

Game options

Dealer options

5 players example

Score example

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There are reports from Windows 10 users that they can't even download the zip files of a program.   This is mostly due to the security of their computer.  Their computer is set to safe mode.   Sorry but this has to be halted.  From what I have read once you turn off safe mode you can't turn it back on.  Basically, this forces everything that you download to come through Microsoft.   

But, if you want to download these program you may have to change the security of the folder you download to and the one you unzip to and run the program in.   You have to run the file explorer and click on the folder you want to change. Right click the folder and go to the Security tab.  Then for the user you are going to use change all the allow checks to 'Allow'.   The folders are like nesting dolls and any folder that is a sub folder has to be allowed as well.

This may be a little dangerous so you may be able to change the security allows back to the way they were after you install the program.   Some programs like the crazy eights program write files so the ability to write has to be allowed.