Free Small Programs



Red Star DeMarre                       Calculate armor penetrations like the WWII Russians.
Dispersion                                   Convert accuracy mils deviation to mean deviation or stand deviation distance.
Limit Velocity                              Calculate Limit Velocity from M79 energy function data.
Russian WWII Tank Production           Monthly tank production, loss, availability program
Armor Defense Calculator                      Percent chances to penetrate tank in Panzer War or Panzer Command.
Naval Armor and Ballistics program     
Naval Ballistics program 2.291 for pre WWI to WWII
Anti-Matter Rocket simulator             Find space trajectory of a futuristic rocket fueled by 1 kg of anti-matter.
email encryption and password/US lottery generator  Pad method text encryption and password generator
BL(N) Calculator                    Calculate the Naval Ballistic Limit or German Penetration Limit from data points.

Basketball brackets  2019      Probability of brackets for 2019 basketball season   [over]
World Cup 2014                     Probability brackets for 2014 World cup  [over]