Examples of Play - Fire First Sight

A T-72 and a BMP-2 have set up to delay any US advance.  The T-72 is part of a platoon still moving in the valley and the BMP is part of a scout section also in the small valley

The battlefield.
Four M2 Bradley's and two M1s traveling along a road.  A small woods is on a rise. 

A T-72 is ready, overwatching the small woods.  He writes down that he is overwatching Woods #1.  A BMP2 (not shown) is overwatching woods #2.
The distance from the T-72 to woods #1 is 350mm (GSU for game scale units.)

Two M2s have passed through woods #1 and ended at the forward edge.

The US force turns off the road and heads for a small patch of woods.

This begins the turn count - Turn 1 movement and sighting.
Two M2s move their maximum allowed speed through woods (100 GSU).
Since the M2s were out of sight at the beginning of the turn they could only be fired on if they are sighted after they move and in fire segments 3 or 4.
As sighted objects they are considered to be moving in woods.
The unbuttoned T-72 is a base 40 factors to sight. Add +15 for target moving.  Target sighted through foliage -5.  Target in 1-25 of woods -10. Target size +2.  Gives a total of 42 = normal sight range of 950.
A roll of '4' on the variable sighting table results the maximum sighting 475. This still is good enough to sight both the M2s in the woods as they are 350 away.
Reciprocally the M2s start at 35 factors because unbuttoned and moving, with -5 seeing through foliage and -10 target in woods gives 20 factors or 150 GSU.  A D10 roll of 6 plus 1 because there are two M2s spotting still gives a sighting range of  only 150.  The T-72 is 350 away and not spotted.

Turn 1, fire segment 3.  The T-72 is allowed to fire first sight because the M2s moved within 50 of its opportunity fire point.
The T-72 chooses to fire HEAT (BK-12).  The base to-hit number is 3.  But the target moved so there is a +1 penalty.  Also, the target moved 100-199 and the firer is using a HEAT round so another +1 to hit.  The target is in foliage/woods gives another +1 to hit.  Total +3 so far.
The T-72 has a laser range-finder but as this might warn the targets it chooses not to use it.   Thus there is a +1 for first shot over 300.
Finally, because the M2 is size 1 there is a -1 to-hit adjustment resulting a total of 6 to-hit.  The to-hit roll is a '10' and backed with a '6' gives an 11.  Since the ROF is 6 and this is +5 more than the needed number two hits are scored.
The T-72 player chooses to use one hit on each M2.  Rolls for location of 5 and 7 on respective M2s.  The penetration of the 125mm HEAT round is 42cm and this easily penetrates the M2s.   Damage rolls of 7 and 9 fire kills the Bradleys.

Turn 2.  The US orders a half move of their tanks and remaining M2 still in the woods.  The Soviet has ordered a withdraw of all tanks.
During movement two more M2s and an M1 have reached the edge of woods #1.  The Soviet T-72 in woods #4 has backed away at full movement but since this is half speed it only makes it to the opposite edge of the woods.  Also, it has popped smoke to further hide it.
The US tanks do get to sight a moving T-72 but must sight it is deeper in the woods
The sighting roll of the M2s is 35 factors, through foliage (-5), through 25-50 of woods (-15). Vehicle moving (+15).  And sighting through hasty smoke (-10).  This gives 25 factors or 225 GSU distance.  Rolling the sighting variable of '8' plus 1 for two M2s in the group, gives a 9. Still not enough to get a clear sight on the T-72.  The M1 is in a different platoon and has to make a separate sighting attempt (also 25 factors).  He rolls a '5' and can not spot the T-72.

Turn 3.  The M-1 has declared overwatch on woods #5 and the M2s overwatch woods #4.  The BMP which was 400 GSU away has decided to back away to catch up with its section.  It starts to back away and ends deeper in woods #5.   But as the M-1 has declared overwatch on that woods it can fire first sight if it can spot something moving in the woods.
The M-1 is buttoned up using thermals during this turn.  That is a base 36 spot factors. The BMP is in foliage (-5).  It is moving (+15).  As the maximum backing move of all AFVs is 50 in the woods and the BMP is allowed to move 1/8 of its move before being fired on.  This barely gets it into 25-50 of woods (-15)  The BMP size is 0 so there is no size adjustment.  Thus the totals sighting factors is 27 or 275 GSU.  The M-1 makes a variable sighting roll of '10' giving 1.5 times the sighting distance (413 GSU). Enough to get a first sight on the BMP.
Even better the BMP was not 'out of sight' behind cover the first half of its move, so by rule
7.7.1 it can be shot at in the first fire segment.  And since it doesn't get totally out of sight (no smoke) it can be shot at in the 3rd fire segment, but this time deeper in the woods.
Going through the firing sequence.  Base 3 to hit.  Moving target (+1).  Firing HEAT at moving target (+1) thus a total of 5 to-hit.  A roll of 6 gives one hit.   The penetration and damage is rolled as normal.   As a result the BMP is destroyed.  No need for a shot in phase 3.

Note - The green felt rings are used to mark the woods edge.  This makes it easier to get an accurate of measure of how deep in the woods the vehicles are.