The new Desert terrain boards.

I put some Syrian T55s out there with a couple of M48s to see how they photo

Terrain board is coated in yellow and dirt RR grass.   The rocks are from a stream bed that I washed and dried.  To insure they won't chip away I secured them with 2 part resin.  After coating the resin patch

On this map I tested Syrian 20 T55s attacking 5 hull down Israeli M48s. 
The first company of T55s closed to within 600 (1200 meters) before the Israelis opened up.  A second company follow to the rear.  This first company of 10 weren't much trouble but one M48 was hit with a HEAT round in the turret and its gun was blown off.  The crew didn't bail which was unfortunate as a second round struck the turret and the tank caught fire.

Covered by the first company the second company of 10 T55s were able to get to about 500 of the M48s.   These fired HVAPDS and scored several hits on the turrets of the M48s.   One more was destroyed, but at a cost of 6 T55s.

The remains of both companies retreated leaving 3 abandoned tanks and 13 burning.