Terrain Board Stress Test

I had a terrain board edge failure while lifting one from one side.  This was one of my 1990 designs where the ceiling tile was laminated with paneling cement to ceiling lighting plastic covering.  The plastic being over 10 years old apparently was brittle and fracture from lifting the board while holding from just one side.   The new design now calls for the use of a 1/8" masonite backing panel laminated to the ceiling tile.   I peeled off the plastic ceiling light cover from the damage board and replaced it with masonite.   I had an old ceiling tile and I glued it to a masonite

The first tests was more like a crash test than a stress test.  In this  test the board was dropped from a height of 6' with one corner leading the fall.  The first drop resulted in a piece of tile breaking off and delaminating from the board.   In the second drop on a different corner the ceiling tile remains intact but both it and masonite backing are

Next I needed to know if the boards would break as easily as the plastic backed one did.  This was easily found while handling as they clearly are more robust.  Just how robust was the next test.  I held the board (masonite down) over a deck railing and pressed on the overhand.  The ceiling tile cracked at about 1' from the held edge.  This created a large fissure as I continued to press.
The next test I reversed the board and held it masonite side up.   This was far stronger and I had to severely shake

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The final test was to see the what was necessary of peeling the tile from the masonite.  This was fairly easy once the tile was broken. The masonite could be bent near a break and the tile peeled off.   The glue held well to the masonite (even though it was applied to the ceiling tile during construction).   But since ceiling tile is just pressed paper fibers the glued surface could be separated from the main body.

This construction configuration is far stronger than any other composites I have come up with.  While it is slightly heavier it doesn't have to be babied during transportation.  Though the boards are not fragile care should be taken as the material is not indestructible but it is far stronger than ceiling tiles by themselves.