Dispatches from the Front  pg. 4

New Reference page of Aberdeen data on 75mm guns. Page 48.

Mar 24, 2015
The 2015 March Madness program for the final 16 is here.

Mar 21, 2015
I've been running some tests to double check the ballistics of some shells.  I have some data tables on Russian guns that look like they were made during WII or right after.  Working backwards from terminal velocities to get the ballistic coefficients I find that the only solution agrees with the 'Ingalls' ogive G1 G‚vre drag function.   Which is odd in that this is for the older shaped shells, not the aerodynamic ballistic APBC shells.  I wonder if the firing tables were calculated numbers and not actual test results.  Later tables like the 1964 DDR and 1972 US protection tables for the 122mm shells have G7 (tangent ogive) G‚vre drag function solutions.   I need more data to come to a conclusion.

Mar 8, 2015
Thanks again to
Jeff who sent me post WWII US documentation on Japanese guns.  I'm organizing the different types of guns, especially the 8 varieties of 37mm types.  Ballistics sources on Japanese weapons are a bit thin so this helps a great deal.  I'll make another update of Japanese guns in a few days.

Mar 5, 2015
Jeff sent a update to his Panzer War MS-Access program that automates game play.

February 1, 2015
Updated Japanese gun data table.

January  31, 2015
I made a quick update of some data on the Japanese tables.      Then realized I hadn't updated then in 10 years.  I have acquired new sources in that time.  Also I am now converting to the Ballistic formula that I use in other table.  This is on going as there still is conflicting data that I am sorting through.  This ought to take a week to complete.

November 25, 2014
Thanks to some posts on the Archives I found some additional information on some guns.  The introduction of Pzgr. 39 APHE shell was not a clear as we have it.  One test of the PaK 38 in 1941 against the T-34 shows it being used.  But in June 1942 the older Pzgr. 38 AP was used. It's just too complicated to have a load of both shells in the game we have to set a clear date even though it was probably introduced when existing stocks of the older shells were used up.  Note both of these were APHE but sometimes refer to early shells as AP to lessen confusion.

November 13, 2014
I'm looking into updating
some of the Airland files after all these years.  My German AFV data is a little behind the times.  It looks like there is not agreement even with the 1960 era tanks to what is out now.  I'll have to check if the old data is bad or there were modifications in the tanks.

November 6-7 2014
Main menu changes. 

November 3 2014
Doing some site cleaning around here.  I've deleted some images from some folders that aren't needed for site references but are linked to by various bots, forums and search engines. It is annoying a bit to see Google download Okun's naval armor slope multiplier table jpg in an Australian roof pitch slope search.  I don't need to support these with my bandwidth.

November 2 2014
I looked into finding the exact area of the cast girder that joins the front hull plates on the T-34.  I've fiddled with the values for this over years.  A US publication gives a cross-section of two types.  The older cast type is rounder and covers a larger area.  The newer type is has more of an angle but doesn't attribute much to the overall area protected.  In fact it doesn't cover even half a location for a T-34/85.  So it basically is ignored. Link to page.

October 27 2014
I fixed some of the links to my dad's WWII photo collection off the Naval Page.
I also go rid of some old dispatches as the space can be better used for other things.
I was checking the connection log and found that people were sending comments with the panel on the Airland page.  Unfortunately that box is no longer working. 

October 11 2014
I added to the After Action Report of the battle
around Ruaray. 
Panthers at Rauray

October 3 2014
There have been a number of threads about Tiger losses in Normandy June 1944.  One such was about losses of just three Tigers in the battle around the village of Ruaray.  I thought I might jump in to try to sort things out. 
Tigers at Rauray

September 29 2014
To download Train Fever  I had to sign up with Steam and install a Steam program.  Then I was able to download the game. As I keep my software development/game machine off the internet as much as possible I use an old XP machine for email/browsing. The problem would be getting the game off my email computer and onto my game machine.  That wasn't to be a problem as my anti-virus program detected the 'Win32/Heur' virus lurking in the Train Fever program and removed the game.
-----Thus ends the folly.

September 17 2014
Humble Bumdle Trouble.  Most people don't know it but I worked on the Railroad Tycoon II and III games for awhile as a play-tester and map maker.  I even had the biggest fan site for awhile until in 2006 I turned the content over to Hawk and Badger.  So when I saw that there was a new rail game, Train Fever, with good graphics and some other nice features I decided to buy a copy.  Unfortunately the link from the Humble Bumdle - PayPal to Steam did not work quite right.  I never was able to download my game though they billed me for it.  So my complaint to support got a reply saying their tech ninjas were working on the problem.  It's been over a week and all I got so far was another email saying that the ninjas were still working.  So maybe the ninjas committed hara-kari or have gone ronin on them.

September 14 2014
I corrected a bug in the little Dispersion program.

August 21 2014
There is some question on the trajectory ballistics of the 75mm L70 KwK42. Frankly, I thought I had the data, but