Dispatches from the Front  pg. 4

September 14 2014
I corrected a bug in the little Dispersion program.

August 21 2014
There is some question on the trajectory ballistics of the 75mm L70 KwK42. Frankly, I thought I had the data, but when I looked I had only considered one source. It seems there are several equally reliable sources.  So I made a research page on this.  For my use I will throw the data into my ballistics program and see if the physics of the data actually makes sense.  Research page.

July 22 2014
We are working to fix some bug in PCO.  The hulldown checking calculation is taking some time.  I'm not a C++ programmer so I can't help much except with logic and concept.

June 25  2014
I reworked the WWI Naval rules using the corrections to the NAaB program.  I include a few notes on each gun table so I know what factors I used for the calculation.  They go: shell weight, MV, ballistic coefficient,

June 23  2014
The NaaB error should affect the horizontal penetration values on Seas of War.   But it doesn't seem to change very much.  The 16" shell only changes penetration ranges by on average about 3,000 meters.  So in the long run it doesn't change things much.  Maybe the error affects smaller shells more.  I will eventually update all the Seas of War tables but it isn't that urgent right now.

April 14  2014
Checking other sites and some interesting tests.   88mm vs T-34.

Jan 27  2014
Somewhere the menu item of Boot Camp got lost.  So it has returned.

Jan 26  2014
Using a true ballistics equation in my ballistic accuracy program instead of a simple algorithm has an advantage in that some weird things come to light.  One of them is that when combined with the range error effect it is found that an anti-tank gun would be more accurate than the same gun on a tank.  This comes about because the trajectory of a shell passing over the target to hit the incorrect range will miss by a smaller amount when fired from a lower position.  (This could just be an aberration of the mathematical construction.) Also, this assumes that both the tank gunner and the AT gun gunner mis-estimate the range the same.  It may be that the gunner at a higher position can estimate the range better so would counter any trajectory disadvantage.  I don't know any way to determine that.

Jan 24  2014
More updates and added links.

Jan 13  2014
Updated some Research pages for clarity and errors.

Jan 6  2014
Added a page on the German 75mm Kannon 40.

Dec. 28  2013
Added a page of post WWII gun dispersion.
Dec. 24  2013
Added a British Gun accuracy page.  Link

Dec.  20-22 2013
Updated Research pages by added one on US tank gun accuracy. Right now it only has the 75mm and 76mm APC shells. All Research pages now link together.  This has been revised once again.

Dec.  2 2013
I bought an ultrasonic steel measuring device.  Now I need some tanks to measure the thickness.

Nov.  23 2013
A review of the Tiger II ballistic test at Kubinka

Oct.  29 2013
Updated German tables and Romanian tables.

Oct.  23 2013
Updated the PW US tank gun tables using updated data.  Also, working on a US gun accuracy page for the site with new info and references.

Oct.  15 2013
Another page has been added to the Research series.  This is a look at the optics of tank sights.

Sept.  29 2013
Another page has been added to the Research series.   This is a look at armor strength in relation to armor hardness. One of the measurements for that is Brinell hardness number or BHN.

Sept.  16 2013
Russian gun accuracy.  You may have seen some shooter tank game sites touting the accuracy of WWII Russian guns compared to German guns.  Unfortunately this is by posters who are either woefully deficient in math skills or misinterpreting what the language says.  The link above is an example of a corrected gun table.  BTW- the most accurate gun I found is the US 90mm firing HVAP ammo.

Sept.  15 2013
For a limited time availability a pdf of Yugoslav tests comparing Soviet, German, and US guns.  Comparative Ballsitics

Sept.  11 2013
An explanation of the three types of US penetration criteria.  US penetration levels

August 6, 2013.
I updated the Soviet Tank Production program. (Now 2.0)  It now allows the user to select at timeframe for production..  Download

Here is a look at my Ballistic Accuracy program. Link to page
It is what is used to determine the to-hit numbers of the guns.
July 20, 2013.