Place Arnhem Bridge 1944.   
Opening battle. Gravner's armor car company again has failed to take the bridge.  Johnny Frost's HQ is building in lower right.
The terrain boards are 2' x4' ceiling tiles.  These first generation boards are backed by 2' x 4' plastic ceiling light covers glued to the tile to give them strength.  Current generation now uses fiberboard as it lasts longer and is stronger. The edges are saturated coated in fiberglass resin to prevent chaffing.  Since the ceiling tiles are just pressed paper fibers they are easy to carve, cut and sand.   They take water base latex paint readily.   Also, model railroad grass and trees can be added.   This particular photo was taken at a convention battle in1985.

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Bay Area Panzer War

Other miniature gamers soon began building their own boards.   Here is one done for '88 Origins in L. A.
This is portrayed as somewhere on the eastern front as a horde of Russian JS IIs, some still in winter colors advance on the Germans.
Notice some tanks appear to be burning.  The use of smoke and flame colored cotton balls adds a nice touch.  The builder has thought up a unique way to make trees.  Bits of model railroad net shrubbery have been wrapped around tooth picks.  These can

Grants on the move                                Panthers with infantry .                                       Panthers on terrain board.
in the desert.
                                                                                models by Wayne

Fire and Ice - Snow terrain boards are fairly easy to make and less expensive than grass terrain boards.   They don't require so much railroad grass to be used.

Scratch one bad tank.   
Nothing to see here

Autobahn terrain boards.

Lakeshore drive.
Models by Wayne

Models by WederWayne.