BOB's Photo Collection

In March of 1944 my dad won an all expense paid cruise to the South Pacific courtesy of the U.S. Government via the US Navy.  (Actually he was in the Coast Guard but that became part of the Navy during wartime.)  This was not just one voyage but several.
Here is his tour ship the USS Eridanus AK92 unloading at the pleasant island paradise they call Saipan.   Aug. 1944.

The cargo on one voyage included Water buffaloes  another time it was trucks.

Of course skeet shooting is always popular.
The ship had a 3" gun on the bow and a 5" on the stern.  20mms amidship.  Late in the war these were replaced by 40mm.

View of turrets of new USS Astoria at Pearl Harbor Nov. 1944.

USS Baltimore Pearl Harbor Nov. 1944.

View of turrets of Baltimore alongside AK92 Nov. 1944

USS Montpelier at Pearl Harbor Nov. 1944.

Hospital ship Hope at Pearl.

USS North Carolina and Essex class carrier at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii  Nov.   1944.

USS North Carolina Pearl Harbor Nov. 1944.

USS Wisconsin Pearl Harbor Nov. 1944.

LST entering Subic Bay, Luzon Philippine Islands.

Independence class carrier leaving Pearl.

Bogue class escort carrier near Leyte.

Casablanca class escort carrier leaving Pearl Harbor.

Cruiser at Subic Bay Feb. 1945.

Three US cruisers at Subic Bay, Luzon seen from Grande Island

B29s on Saipan island Tinian.

Apparently this was suppose to be a secret base and no off base personal were allowed to be there let alone take pictures..  Oh well.

Filipino guerillas and AK92 crew

Uncle Dave Miller 1st Division USMC, Guadacanal.

Uncle Bill 2nd Division USMC, Saipan.

All these photos are part of my dad's private collection.   His ship, AK92, had a ship's photographer who took the photos.  The crew could buy copies if they wanted.  My dad bought all of them.  Some 100 or more photos.

AK92 was a Navy Liberty ship with a Coast Guard crew.