Seas of War
WWII Naval Rules

The rules now are available for open beta testing.
They now are separated  in to smaller convenient download files.

All material in PDF format in zip package.
beta V0.40

Seas of War  Rules      5 /20/06    Rules
Seas of War Tables     8/29/06    Tables and Torpedo data list
Seas of War Player Aids    9/2/06   Turn gauges, gunnery worksheets,
ship logs and order sheets.
Seas of War Sub Module   7/17/06  Not complete but testable.
                                              For sub warfare you man need
Naval data lists of individual national navies.
British Navy                 German Navy                 Italian Navy
  10/3/05                                    9/14/05                             9/14/05
French Navy                 Japanese Navy         United States Navy
  9/14/05                                 9/14/05                                10/3/05
Generic ships                 Carrier Ops
9/25/05                                  9/2/06
Currently working on this facet of the rules.
Seas of War Air Rules     8/30/05

                                                                        Seas of war island1 terrain
                                                                        Seas of war island2 terrain
Scenarios and pre-made Ship's Log sheets for the battle.
River Plate               Graf Spee  battle                         9/7/05
Denmark Strait     
Bismarck vs. Hood and PoW   9/7/05
Ark Royal Strike   
Swordfish vs. Bismarck             9/6/05
Force Z                     
Naval Air Battle                           9/7/05

New Supplement.    World War I
British and German battleships and battlecruisers
World War I   Seas of War                     6/25/2014

Naval Armor and Ballistics program
Has been moved to its own page.   
NAAB here


USS Baltimore Pearl Harbor Nov. 1944.

USS North Carolina and Essex class carrier at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii  Nov.   1944.

Cruiser at Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippine Islands.

USS Eridanus, AK92  at Saipan.
(My dad's ship WWII)


WWII - a 2nd Div. marine returns from many days of island battle.

-Actually my uncle Bill.

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