Panzer War at DunDraCon  '05

A beach head has been established and the American forces have decided to make the next push. St. Lo is the target. Can the will of the West succeed or the stubborn German defenses resist this assault. The American forces must push through the farmland and capture the town while defeating the various defensive measures presented.

The view across the Boccage towards St Lo:

A Platoon of German PzIVH waiting in reserve. This platoon would later earn the grudging admiration of the American tankers when the sole remaining PzIV survived no less than four direct hits from Sherman 75mm fire.

Germans are set up to ambush any unsuspecting Allies coming down the road.

US Recon elements (jeeps and M8 Greyhounds) run face-first into the German defenses. SdKfz 234 Pumas block the road, Panthers fill the hedgerows, and PzIVs await in reserve. The exchange of fire was brief, spectacular, and VERY one-sided:

A P-47 goes Panther-hunting.

The Americans push up the center. M4 Shermans and M10 TDs take their toll on Panthers. (Green beads mark where the hedgerows have been breached.)

How many Shermans does it take to kill one stinking Panther, anyways?

A brave but futile stand by a platoon of PzIVHs on the left.

Stewards find where the Panzerjagers are on the right.

Note Green spheres mark breaches  in the

Veterans of St. Lo.