Fate and Destiny is a set of miniature rules for sci-fi combat in the 30th century. 

  • Fleet combat including fighters, missiles, grappling and boarding . 

  • Ship vector movement is true to Newtonian physics. 

  • A separate section covers ground combat at a tactical level. 

  • A campaign system for running a series of games over many game months and years.

A more scientific and mature approach it taken with these rules.  I try to use current science and carry it forward to a logical extension far in the future.  Though most is speculation interlaced with conjecture. 

There is a pretty consistent story behind it.  (I'm writing a sci-fi book and this uses the story line.)

These rules are currently being designed and play tested.  Right now the fleet battle system is underdevelopment.

Note I probably will be changing the scale of the ships.  Plus I will add a computer assist function.

Download  Beta  4/6/06

Special feature.  Here is a program I am working on calculate thrusts and mass for the game.  Also this might be part of a player assist program.

Antimatter Rocket program for Windows.    Beta 0.3 5/04/06

Do you want to check if a space ship game really has Newtonian vector movement?

Do you want to try to make one that does?   

This is in the test phase.  If you find any problems or errors let me know.


References and Links

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