Since its official birth in 1982, Airland Battle has comprised the US Army's basic doctrine concerning how to fight the next war.  It recognizes the inherently three dimensions of nature of modern warfare.  AirLand Battle conceives of a future battlefield nearly anywhere in the world on which the US Army must fight and win.

Airland War is a set of game rules simulating modern warfare using 1/285 scale miniatures.  AirLand War includes rules covering weapons, troops, and vehicles used in most conflicts between 1948 and present.  Helicopter and ground support aircraft are thoroughly integrated into play.

Q. What can you do in AirLand War that you can't do in any other set of rules?
A. Like Panzer War you have a realistic fire game system.  Even though 'fire combat' is considered a quantum of fire, you can still engage and destroy multiple targets in a single turn.    In fact you can do that up to twice a turn.   Like Michael Whittman taking out a line of tanks at Villers Bocage during WWII,  a modern day M1 could take out a two, three or more of T72s in a single turn.  (If you get lucky.)   

Q.  What about ATGMs, do they work just like guns do?
A.  Not exactly.  Depending on the range the ATGM may have to attack in a later fire segment than the one in which it was fired.  In those cases the ATGM launcher/controller may be destroyed before its missile can reach its target.  This reflecting reality more so than other similar rule systems.

0.0  Airland War is built on the framework established by Panzer War.   Included here will be additional rules for modern armor.

Rules for:

1.  HEAT warheads vs.  spaced armor has been changed.   Spaced armor is now a separate armor basis rating.
2. Anti-Tank Guided Missiles - Missiles will attack in a fire segment that is a function of both range and movement of launcher.
3.  Helicopter rules.
4.  Fully stabilized (3-axis - S3) gun firing rules - full moving S3 vehicles firing twice in a turn can fire at their movement mid-point and again at the final position.  Also, one and two axis stabilizers will also be included.

Link to Airland Rules addons to Panzer War